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Aetrex – iStep – How it Works – Orthotics, Insoles, Arch Support

iStep SP5000 – Aetrex’s proprietary revolutionary digital foot scanning system. Consumers simply step on the scanner and using thousands of barometric sensors and patented infrared foot scanning technology, their feet will receive a complete mapping, or blueprint, in less than 30 seconds. This blueprint will teach customers about the three essential elements of their feet – foot size, arch type and pressure points. Imagine a technology that can get you on your way to feeling great on your feet in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to Aetrex’s iStep technology, you can now benefit from an extraordinary fitting experience that will provide you with a custom selected solution to help lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Aetrex produces and dispenses iStep, the most revolutionary digital foot scanning technology ever developed for footwear retailers and professionals. Incorporating state-of-the art digital scanners and pressure sensors, iStep accurately measures your foot size and determines your arch type and pressure points in less than 30 seconds. The power behind this patented technology is 3744 gold plated barometric sensors that measure the pressure exerted by your foot every .25 cm2. The high concentration of sensors allows the device to perform a precise reading, even for a small child. Amazingly, this compact device also incorporates 1326 infrared LEDs and Receptors that are aligned every half millimeter to ensure unmatched accuracy when measuring your foot. The iStep
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