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Are Walkfit orthotic inserts allowed on a plane?

Question by Joe H: Are Walkfit orthotic inserts allowed on a plane?
I have a bum left foot. Even after plantar fasciitis surgery, I have to maintain the foot with inserts. Now that the doctor-issued ones have worn out, I have the Walkfit type temporarily, which do seem to have a small gray patch of gel in the heel (cannot be removed).

The TSA site is unclear on this, although it says disability devices are screened with special examination. We are flying American Airlines. We will have nothing but one carry-on each, no checked bags. Might the inserts be allowed on the flight?

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Answer by Alex
I’m sure they will be allowed on board. But I just wouldn’t make a big show of pointing out that it has gel in it (and anyway – aren’t they made of silicone? I think they are more worried about like, liquid gel that you could detonate).

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  1. New Yorker - NYY Bring on 2012 says:

    Try to get some kind of note from your doctor.

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