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History of Yamuna Foot Products – Learn more about the history of Yamuna Foot Products, like the Foot Wakers and Foot Savers. Yamuna Body Rolling™ is a re…
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Introduction to Cascade Dafo, Inc.

Take a video tour of our facility, learn the process for manufacturing both our custom and off-the-shelf orthoses, and meet some Cascade Dafo team members. C…
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Follow 10-year-old patient Maya as she gets a new pair of custom-fabricated DAFO 3.5 orthoses to help control swing phase inconsistency (Maya’s diagnosis is …
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How a Prosthetic Leg Works

The technology that goes into prosthetic legs is pretty amazing. In this video I show how my most recent prosthetic works. For more information see http://ww…

The innovative work of Scott Summit demonstrates how 3D Printing and digital scanning can be used to greatly improve Prosthetic design.
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Orthaheel Orthotics for Foot Pain Relief @

Check out all the Orthaheel Orthotics at: Orthaheel Orthotic Insoles were founded by Australian Podiatri…

Suffering from heel pain? Contact Dr. Dan Bank at any of his 3 Orange County locations – in Costa Mesa, Fullerton and Santa Margarita. Dr. Bank treats bunion…
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Spenco Thinsole Orthotic Arch Supports Review @

Check out the Spenco Thinsole Orthotic Arch Support Inserts at: The Spe…
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Spenco Insoles, Orthotic Arch Supports, and Cushion Inserts at:…
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