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Bachelor’s in Orthotics and Prosthetics – St. Peterburg College This bachelor degree program in orthotics and prosthetics is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). It requires two full years at SPC to complete, and is designed to produce entry-level practitioners with a baccalaureate degree. Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to enter a NCOPE residency training program in either orthotics or prosthetics. Upon completion of the one-year residency program, graduates will qualify to sit for the ABC National Certification exam. Graduates wishing to be certified in both orthotics and prosthetics will need to complete two residencies and pass both certification exams. About St.Petersburg College: In 1927, St. Petersburg College (then known as St. Petersburg Junior College) became Florida’s first private, non-profit, two-year school of higher learning located in downtown St. Petersburg. Full accreditation followed in 1931 and in 1948 SPC became a public college. In June 2001, SPJC officially became St. Petersburg College when Florida’s governor signed legislation making it the first community college in Florida to offer four-year degrees. On Dec. 11, 2001, the college received the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ accreditation to offer courses leading to bachelor’s degrees. In 2002, St. Petersburg College began offering courses leading to bachelor’s degrees in Education, Nursing and Technology Management. The college’s commitment to its two
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Students from OSUIT Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics Present: *State-of-the-Art Technology *Hands-on Demos *Stories from their Lives *How to become and O&P Technician
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  1. 90Regnah says:

    Advancement in OandP is very limited, you are either a Tech, a fitter(very rare), or a Practitioner. After you reach Prac level you have no other options of advancement besides becoming a manager, or owning your own business(extremely difficult getting started). You can not really use this education for any other type of job at this time, so if you decide OandP is not for you good luck on using it to find another job. ABC is the license people want you to have. exam fees are $1400

  2. 90Regnah says:

    bamboodoo, not sure what you mean by :”But after 2 yrs of school how can you predict job demand?” I can tell you the job demand for new comers is not good.  I’m a perfect example of that. If I could go back I would not have gone into this field, I would have became a nurse instead for several different reasons. Compare Nursing to OandP and the rate of return for Nursing beats OandP hands down on nearly everything.

  3. bamboodoo says:

    I’ve been thinking about going to school for o/p cert and i’ve often wondered what the job demand is for it,. I’d hate to go to school and not have a job when I’m done :S But after two years of school how can you predict job demand?

  4. 90Regnah says:

    To any prospective students thinking about a career in O&P, do your own research about the employment opportunities in this field before making a commitment to pursue this kind of an education. Do not take the word of NCOPE, or any educational institution about the prospects for employment in this field for that matter, find out for yourself.

  5. bedrbeshr says:

    Hi! I’ve been watching your video and I really enjoyed it. i am a physiotherapist in egypt 
    The first factory is responsible for prosthetic limbs in the Faculty of Physical Therapy

    what you guys thing about making some kind of Exchange? sharing knowleges, experiences.
    I’ll be waiting your answer

  6. Nanambi says:

    Hi! I’ve been watching your video and I really enjoyed it. I’m a prosthetics and orthotics student in Lisbon (Portugal), what you guys thing about making some kind of Exchange? sharing knowleges, experiences..
    I’ll be waiting your answer

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