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My Grip Arch Supports

Paul Akers demonstrates how to make custom arch supports using My Grip. For more information about this product visit our website: taping to alleviate shin soreness due to flat feet or fallen arch, plantar fascia soreness


Q&A: Arch Supports?

Question by imma_aa_diva: Arch Supports? Does any one know of some good arch supports other then Dr.Scholls*? But not to expspensive. Best answer: Answer by thedrunkenmaster333No, sorry. What do you think? Answer below!


Arch supports?

Question by Aoki Yin: Arch supports? I have flat feet ,so my doctor told me to wear arch supports.How long will it take for my feet to develope a arch? and what is a good arch support to use?. Best answer: Answer by Inquiring Mind Wants to KnowYour feet won’t develop an arch as a [...]


The advantages of arch supports

Click on this cool site on Want to know more about arch supports? Then you will certainly need to read this article! Video Rating: 0 / 5