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Q&A: best shoes to wear with orthodics?

Question by I run…: best shoes to wear with orthodics? I am getting orthodics, and I am wondering if anyone has a recommended pair of shoes that are lightweight, and work well with orthodics. specifically, if anyone has had experience with orthodics in the asics nimbus, i would like to know how they worked for [...]


Q&A: Do orthodics really work?

Question by Sarah Townen: Do orthodics really work? I have heel pain, I have a doctor’s appointment next week. I have been told by friends/family that the doc will probably recommend orthodics Do they really work? They are expensive….just wondering what your thoughts are Thanks Best answer: Answer by karen dMy husband had heel pain [...]


Custom Orthotics Review – Best Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

What are the best orthotics for plantar fasciitis? This video gives a detailed and three-dimensional explanation. What is plantar fasciitis? Please watch to find out… First we need to understand what holds the arches up, what is the best way to correct the way our feet work, and fight not only body weight, but gravity, [...]