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Q&A: what limbs are replaced with prosthetic devices?

Question by Marisol: what limbs are replaced with prosthetic devices? Best answer: Answer by gangadharan nair* Hip replacement. * Knee replacement. * Legs are replaced by prosthetic devices (Eg: Jaipur foot for diabetic patients & accident victims). What do you think? Answer below!


Prosthetic Options: A Device for Using in the Gym

A below elbow arm amputee demonstrates the device he uses in the gym.


Testing Prosthetic arm

Prosthetic device have finally arrived and modded properly. It’s working really good with the rekluse clutch. Dream become alive


Takehito Etani -The Third Eye, Spiritual Prosthetic Device

‘The Third Eye’(2002) is a video device that is mounted onto the user’s head enabling the person to experience perception from outside of his/her body. The device consists of a mono-eyed goggle with a 2-inch LCD monitor and a tiny surveillance camera held above the user’s head. The visual experience of “The Third Eye” is [...]