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Custom Orthotics Review – Best Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

What are the best orthotics for plantar fasciitis? This video gives a detailed and three-dimensional explanation. What is plantar fasciitis? Please watch to find out… First we need to understand what holds the arches up, what is the best way to correct the way our feet work, and fight not only body weight, but gravity, poor shoe selection and concrete? The engineer’s at Sole Supports have found this answer. In order to make the best custom orthotics, you have to do more than what is commonly expected of a custom orthotics lab. Sole Supports were designed like an engineer would design a bridge, looking at the real forces involved and how best to manage those forces that cause foot pain, heel pain, and painful conditions like plantar fasciitis. Sole supports are designed to reestablish them for optimal biomechanics of the lower extremity and therefore the rest of the body as the forces travel up the foot, knee, hip, lower back and spine. You can spend hours on the computer looking at custom orthotics reviews, plantar fasciitis treatment options, and every business that provides custom orthotics in Denver and we know that you’ll still be convinced to try a clinic that provides Sole Supports. Instructions for podiatrists on how to write the most effective orthotic prescriptions for treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (adult acquired flatfoot). Patients with severe flatfoot may find this information helpful in determining if their own orthotics were made correctly.

10 Responses to “Custom Orthotics Review – Best Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis”

  1. BRosenstein1 says:

    The best custom orthotics are hand made at JR orthotics , located at 929 Park ave, NYC. The tel # is 212-861- 7170 . Ask for Jeffrey, who makes them for various Podiatrists in the area with great results.

  2. SkeetSkeetPCPETE says:

    @daves106 the muscles of the foot do not operate like the rest of the muscles in the body. They are far more dynamic and adaptive. You cant just go to the gym and strenght train your feet stronger like you can your biceps. This barefoot running critique of orthotics will simply not stand the test of time!

  3. DenverCOChiropractor says:

    @DenverCOChiropractor FYI Many foot surgeries are expensive and a waste of money.

  4. DenverCOChiropractor says:

    @daves106 I think barefoot walking and running can be a good adjunct activity for some people, you are right. Although for some people it would ruin them. People live on concrete, a surface that is very unnatural and creates weaker feet. SoleSupports orthotics are dynamic, they don’t block movement or muscle activity – they control it and allow for comfort and shock reduction on concrete, unlike the majority of orthotics on the market.

  5. DenverCOChiropractor says:

    @edgarjeuneroxas Llet me know what town you are in and I will find a provider for you. (Podiatrist, ATC, PT or chiropractor). Most MDs are not trained in this technology and as you saw in the video, this is the most advanced science in custom foot orthotics (they are cast in a very unique way that enhances the function of the foot, not just covering up foot pain symptoms).

  6. daves106 says:

    Custom orthotics are an expensive waste of time and money they make your feet weak and more prone to further injury. Strengthen your arches over time and check out some of the videos on YouTube about barefoot running. A good book to read also is born to run.

  7. edgarjeuneroxas says:

    Where can I buy one? Do I get it from my MD?

  8. ebencdavis says:

    Wow…these look awesome. I have provided Plantar Fasciitis treatment in San Francisco for many years now and it can be very difficult to treat. I have tried chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, massage, and ART with mixed results. These orthotics look worth trying out.

  9. howlongcanwebefooled says:

    i will be putting a website together very soon open source design to fix pttd and i don’t care who steals my idea its time people fix the symptom not post pone it

  10. howlongcanwebefooled says:

    your and idiot that gets paid alot of money this is not going to fix anything 500 bucks for garbage put your head and make something that prevents the navicular from collapsing like an arch clamp how does a c clamp work use that idea and it will work all you podiatrists are idiots and a $30 fix could solve half the worlds problems its disgusts me that this is one of the biggest cover ups of Mankind! If everybody had good feet than we would all be pro runners but who is going to work @ walmart

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