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Do Insoles and Orthotics Work ? Foot Orthotics, foot insoles, foot inserts, There are many common types of foot pain that a lot of people suffer from. For example Achilles tendon pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), heel spurs, ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia) are some of these. These conditions are frequently caused when your feet excessively roll in and overload foot structure, also known as over-pronation. The right insoles and orthotics can provide relief to these conditions. The Dr Foot range of orthotics is exceptionally good at offering instant relief for conditions linked to over-pronation. This range offers something for everyone. If you suffer from over-pronation just like the 70% of the population out there or you have a flat foot, your poor walking pattern could contribute to a variety of different complaints in both these cases. As we mature over the years, with time the poor positioning and alignment of the feet causes extremely common conditions like knee or heel pain. There are many different causes of over-pronation. Age, pregnancy, obesity or repetitive pounding on a tough surface can weaken and deteriorate the arch, leading to over-pronation. This is something that is very common in athletes; in particular runners tend to suffer from over-pronation which is why the majority of them these days use orthotics inside their shoes.
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  1. TheDrFoot says:

    You don’t need surgery for this as its quite common, I would advise you to go and get your feet measured by a reputable shoe store

  2. Jason Hipolito says:

    Can i ask question DrFoot ! Please Help me cause my Feet is not on the same size !! :( ( The left foot is bigger than my right foot plss help me what should i do ? Is it normal cause im worried im not telling to my mother ! im 14 years old basketball player my shoe size is 9 ! i didnt expect this becuase i know my feet is on the same size but when i look it its NOT ! please help me Doctor what should i do ? i dont want to have surgery or do i have diseas on foot ? :( ( help me

  3. VetoSchwarz says:

    Thanks a lot !
    I appreciate .

  4. TheDrFoot says:

    If the brand of insoles provided a rigid arch support than this would be painful. ou may need insoles that are not so rigid, view the dr foot pro or work insoles in our range or find another range of products that provide a semi rigid arch support, just using the heel section will not address your problems.

  5. VetoSchwarz says:

    I have flat feet, and I bought an insoles like thas..NoT the same brand or anything , and it really was painful.
    I cut almost the half of it , and just left the heel part,
    and worked for me. it’s that ok ?
    btw my knees are killing me , and more recently ive this really intense pain in the upper part of the knee close to the thigh. cheers !

  6. mrleo15422 says:

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    Going to check out your channel once I rewatched this video :)

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  16. Mehj Jean says:

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