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examplesss running shoes??

Question by Katie <33: examplesss running shoes??
what are good examples of stability type trail shoes for and xc runner? (orthodics go in them)
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Answer by ptfa.geo
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Information about some running shoes and spikes for hardcore runners:

Key for running shoes -

The better the shock absorption is the better the shoe is. Whenever possible, it is best to try them on before a purchase.

An ideal shoe will fit your foot like a slipper. Your running shoes are the key to staying injury free. Knowing how to use them will enhance your speed. You can wear any type of shoe you want for training in. But you should have a second pair of shoes just for racing in.

Oversize Trainers To Improve Your Speed –
The best type of trainer to wear is one that is either a half or full size too large for your feet. Buy a high quality cushion inset sole and place it in the shoe. This gives your feet added shock absorption protection. This could be a big help against Shine Splints. If one foot is longer than the other, buy the trainers based on the longest foot.
Except for hurdlers practicing their hurdle form, use this shoe for all of your running practices, including high speed sections. When you change shoes for races, you will find that your feet feel light and that your race time results are constantly on the speedy end of your speed range.

Shoes For Racing In:
A racing shoe (flats or spikes) that properly fits your foot and used for race purpose only, will enhance your speed. These shoes are normally very light but do not support your feet like trainers. You can make many brands of racing shoes feel very comfortable for use without soaks by placing a thin, soft cushion, flat insole in it. Replace the insoles when they begin to show signs of wear or when they are flat in your impact area. Insoles and arch supports can be bought in some grocery stores. If you use arch supports, place it in your racing shoe too. If one foot is longer than the other, buy this pair of shoes based on the shortest foot. However, if the toes on the longer foot are knuckling up in the shoe, then the shoes are too short – get a longer pair.

Hurdler shoe issue:
Shoes play a huge part of helping a hurdler be fast, especially in the short distance hurdles. This is not practical, but hurdlers need three pairs of track shoes. They need their proper foot fitting racing spikes, they need a pair of proper fitting running shoes for hurdle work practices only and, they need their oversize comfortable running shoes with extra cushion protection for all other running activities.

Wearing Spikes To Train In:
There are times when using spikes in a training section is very important to the athlete. Sprinters, hurdlers, pole vaulters, javelin throwers; long, triple and, high jumpers should wear their spikes when trying to calibrate their steps and starting block position. Once the measurements have been established with your spikes on, take them off and put on your trainers. Use your trainers to find the location of your established starting points. The order of finding your points should be with spikes first and then with trainers, never the other way around. This is because trainers vary too much in size, shape and, length for the same size foot – change your trainers and you change the deminsion of your foot. For this group of people, knowing how to find your precise starting points with your racing shoes on, assures you a consistent range of high end results for your discipline.

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    Hi.Check out the New Balance shoes.Those are the best.

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