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Foot Care & Orthotic Shoes, Foot Doctor Carmichael CA| Podiatry Mcclellan, Fair Oaks-Pt. 2 Foot Doctor Carmichael CA, Dr. David Kahan explains orthotics. Orthotics are orthopedic devices used to treat a variety of foot disorders to alleviate discomfort and pain in the feet, correcting mechanics and imbalance. The purpose of orthotics is to correct the shape and function of the body to enable easier movement. Orthotics are designed to correct and stabilize bunions and hammer toes, as well as pain in the arch of the foot, and stiff big toe joints. Children can benefit from orthotics to correct walking imbalances that may develop in the early years such as walking “”pigeon toed.”" Podiatrist Carmichael CA , Dr. David Kahan creates customized orthotics for feet of all shapes and sizes. For more videos visit Bunion Doctor Carmichael CA, Dr. David Kahan at http Foot Doctor Carmichael, Dr. David Kahan also serves the cities of: Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Mcclellan, Fair Oaks and zipcodes of: 95608, 95609, 95841 Shoes Nashville Custom Orthotics Review Jack Jensen specializes in custom high quality shoes, orthotics and special footwear. Sign up at http to learn about special events, receive updates, and notices pertaining to orthotics at Jensen Shoes. Visit or call Jensen Shoes for your custom orthotic shoes and foot pain relief today. Call (615) 356-9699 to schedule a free Certified Pedorthist consultation.
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