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Heel pain

The causes and symptoms of heel pain and the treatments available, including what you can do to prevent or alleviate it
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  1. fokojan says:

    @cmubo i think take a rest meant = 1 month? 2 months? not a year man…

  2. cmubo says:

    i am 14 and my bmi is 21 so it is ok and i did a lot of football but then 2 years ago i started getting pain in my heel every time i ran so i went to the doctors an they said rest so this year i took a rest an stopped playing football but now every time i run it doesnt matter if it is just accross the road i will get pain worse that it was before i have had an xray on that foot and they said it was fine so i dont know what to do. please help?

  3. johngal56 says:

    Excellent information, well presented

  4. 110B557 says:

    Very good doctor, compassionate and informed.

  5. runnsmooth says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, NHSChoices.
    I found the active recovery book “Injury Afoot: 30 Things You Can Do to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis” on Amazon, and it’s been most helpful. It describes a bunch of self-treatment actions, along with photos. My plantar fasciitis was severe before using “Injury Afoot;” it’s all but disappeared since.

    I recommend against cortisone shots and surgery, no matter what. Use active recovery and stay on it every day until the pain subsides.

  6. HypnotikDrift says:

    My heels are KILLING me, i’m an athlete which is how the pain started. I hope it goes away soon, very good video

  7. bluelapis1990 says:

    Thank you so much!

  8. bluelapis1990 says:

    Thank you so much!!

  9. jcjana54 says:

    Very informative presentation. Thanks!

  10. kissiman says:

    thats one hot heel :P moreover the nurse dayyyuumm

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