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How can I find cute shoes? I have wide feet and orthodics?

Question by Kristy K: How can I find cute shoes? I have wide feet and orthodics?
I have to wear sneakers with everything. My husband always looks so nice and put together. I have to wear very casual clothes all the time because I think it looks worse to wear dressy clothes with Nikes..and so I end up looking like a slob with my sneakers. I have bad ankles and can’t wear heels over 1.5 inches either. Is there hope or am I doomed to look like a slob all the time?

I’m in Germany for a while but I’ll be back in Michigan and NY for a couple weeks to shop if anyone knows of a specific store chain.

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Answer by vthelezbish
Hi, I have the same problem as you and I just bought Dansko shoes. You can buy them in Nordsrom or try online. You can take the sole out so you can put the orthodics inside. Good luck. So far that is all I have found but I just started looking yesterday.

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5 Responses to “How can I find cute shoes? I have wide feet and orthodics?”

  1. Wealth of useless information says:

    Aren’t you happy that the ballet flat has come back in style. Perfect for wide feet and or someone who doesn’t like heels. There are about a zillion different styles and you can find them at just about any store.

  2. Layla says:

    Famous footware

  3. >:] says:

    Well wide feet shouldn’t be a problem these days, because more convient stores have wider shoes, but the orthodics :/ hhmmmm
    Well there are those slip on shoes that should have a wider size and they seem very comfty, such as Vans, and flats are very cute :)

  4. Miss Francesca says:

    Ballet flats are your answer! They are very chic and they dress up anything. If your feet are wide, try the wide width shoes at Payless Shoe Source (

    With ballet flats, a cute clutch purse, and a cropped jacket, you will feel comfortable but look very pulled together.

    Check out other style ideas at my site:

  5. ♥Caroline♥ says:

    I have the same problem, but reversed. I find shoes on You can search by size, width, color, style, designer, and more! I highly recommend it; ot’s helped me with my shoe problem! Good luck, girl!

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