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i got new running shoes, should i take out the original insoles and replace them with my orthotic inserts?

Question by momariano08: i got new running shoes, should i take out the original insoles and replace them with my orthotic inserts?
I just bought new running shoes and i want to put my orthotics i have in my old running shoes in the new sneakers. i realized my original sneakers had the insoles taken out already. should i do the same thing to my new sneakers?

(sorry if that was confusing)

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Answer by emma L
whatever works i always say. If it helps or feels good its not gonna hurt anything. :D

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6 Responses to “i got new running shoes, should i take out the original insoles and replace them with my orthotic inserts?”

  1. Confused Chuck says:

    Yeah for sure. The default soles are made to fit everyone’s feet, where as yours supposedly are made for YOU. Go custom if you can, make your life that much easier. Keep the old soles just in case though.

  2. Texter13 says:

    ya it really doesn’t matter. Anything…..just can’t have both in.

  3. trey6z says:

    It all depends on how the shoes feels when you are running in them. Try taking your old shoes into a real well respected shoe store and have them read the tread on your shoe. They will be able to tell you what inserts would be best for your new sneakers. A good shoe has the insoles in the shoe for a good reason. If they are a good quality shoe they designed that insole for that shoe specifically for optimal comfort. But everyone has different feet and we all walk and run in different ways. Thats why a good shoe salesman will be most beneficial in your case because he can spot if you run on your sides, ride your heel, extend your toes too far, etc.

    If that all seems like too much work just try them out for a while then switch the insoles and compare how your feet felt at the end of each week. Hope this helps.

  4. Christopher T says:

    I have been wearing orthotics for almost 20 years. This is very easy to answer. Did you buy the shoes and try them on with the inserts in them or did you take them out. When buying shoes here are some tips. First, wear running socks, preferbally not cotton but Coolmax, they are thinner and work really good. I ran a marathon with a wet one and ran my personal best with no blisters. Second, shoes should be bought after running or at the end of the day when your feet are the biggest. Lastly, when checking for fit use your thumb to check for fit because if the salesperson is a female her thumb is smaller and if it is a larger male the space may be to much. Your thumb is always the same so the size will always be consistent. So if the insert was in when you tried them on and the fit is good leave them in and if you took them out leave them out. I always took them out because my orthotics were designed to replace them.

  5. Elaine says:

    Yeah sure. How long have you been running with your old running shoes? If you’ve been running with them for a while and the insoles are flat, maybe it’s time to get new inserts.


  6. M says:

    I have orthotics and I usually take the insoles out either because the insole has a little arch to it that makes my orthotic uneven or the shoe is too tight with both of them in there. The only time when I would leave both in is when the insole is flat and the shoe is a little to big.

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