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Immediate-Pain-Relief Technic : The bottom of foot pain

The bottom of foot pain was almost gone after acupuncture.

3 Responses to “Immediate-Pain-Relief Technic : The bottom of foot pain”

  1. jyesther says:

    Months ago, I visited Dr. Park at OrangeWell  because I had problems with my kidney that made me frequent bathroom in the middle of the nights.

    I’m so glad I did, because after taking the herbal medication that he formulated for me for about 2 months, I had no such problems anymore! Those of you who don’t find the treatment and medication from a regular M.D. helpful should give acupuncture and herbal medicine a try! You’ll be surprised how effective they are!

  2. TheLabear100 says:

    Wow! amazing! ^_^

    — One day I had suffered from iching on the back. But iching had gone after just oneday-eating herb Dr. Park provided. He is good with both arcup. and herb!!!!!

  3. kelam62 says:

    Hi, after seen your video and it very impress me so will you kindly please show me or guide me how to or where to put the needle in to release the bottom of my left foot pains please? Please show me how and sure god will bless you.

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