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Orthotists and Prosthetists – Career Profile

As seen on , Anonymously evaluating every job, every day for you. Assist patients with disabling conditions of limbs and spine or with partial or total absence of limb by fitting and preparing orthopedic braces or prostheses.
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{Prosthetic} Prosthesis – Wikipedia, medical devices and aids that can be considered prosthetics include artificial arms, leg, upper extremity, lower extremity, SAK, DAK, SAE, DAE, SBK, DBK, palatal gastric bands, and dentures. Upper Extremity [Prosthetics] Program … (PROSTHETICS) AND ORTHOTICS Scott Sabolich: (prosthetics) [Sabolich] worlds most advanced facility for prosthetics, research, and development. Orthotics & Prosthetics – Make a Career of making a Difference … Orthotics and {Prosthetics} (O&P) is the evaluation, fabrication and custom fitting of artificial limbs and orthopedic braces. O&P is an allied health … Entering the Profession – Education Pathways – Career Information Orthotics and Prosthetics for Amputees from Next Step Orthotics and Prosthetics for Amputees from Next Step, specializing in fitting high-performance solutions including the c-leg for those who are engaged in … – Orthotics and Prosthetics Info for practitioners, provides prosthetic and orthotic patient care information and product information for amputees, orthotists, prosthetists, and therapists. useful and innovative prosthetic devices and release the designs into the public domain [Prosthetics] for single and double leg amputees Prosthetic fitting for amputees, both single leg amputees, double leg amputees, and arm amputees www
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4 Responses to “Orthotists and Prosthetists – Career Profile”

  1. CoachPegLed says:

    This should give amputees alot of good feelings about their future. I had a below the knee amputation on my left leg and they are trying to save my right leg. Right now it’s in a halo external fixater. Honestly it’s miserable and really worse than the amputation. But if it saves the leg It’s worth it. I am alot older middle aged and my problems stem from an accident. This device stays on between 2-4 months minimum. Watching that kid made feel like we are lucky it’s not 50 years ago when it was

  2. albanos12345678 says:


  3. kmrosserjr says:

    You guys have an AWESOME kid, he looks so happy, I just got my prosthetic, i had a bk amputation on june 7 2011 do to cancer.

  4. vlbradley says:

    my brother and i are amputees you don’t have to feel bad

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