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Paulina (my sister) uses her prothetics

my sister talking to peeps who are amputees
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21 Responses to “Paulina (my sister) uses her prothetics”

  1. 0866trainsEWS says:

    how old is she

  2. Baxxter101 says:

    @bustsomecaps its posted because this kind of thing inspires some people…

  3. bustsomecaps says:

    cool that a youbng person is still so postive…what i dont get is why the fuck would you wanna put this on youtube…

  4. pantyflash says:

    Like, even though your legs are hosed, you’re an awesome kid. You go, girl!

  5. americangirlballet says:

    Wow! She is a beautiful dancer. I have a leg that is shorter than the other and I hate wearing my prostheitc. But if I don’t wear it, I walk with a limp.

  6. amputeesuperadmirer says:

    A beautiful amputee girl. Best wishes for her.

  7. weaponeer says:

    great inspiration, let nothing hold you back.

  8. kingofallwhites says:

    Wow she is amazing on her prosthetics! What a cutie pie!

  9. dakampw says:

    What a little sweetheart.

  10. stinkomalinko says:

    Did she have 2 legs? I hope you don’t mind my asking, but did she have both legs amputated or born with only one?

  11. etn751 says:

    Thanks be to god for medical science

  12. spinabifida2000 says:

    what happened that you had to have your other leg amputated? I have spina bifida and my legs were amputated last year….

  13. SlimCraftProductions says:

    good job :)

  14. EasyBakeSmiles says:

    thats amazing!

  15. raeven0501 says:

    cuute ..
    ( :

  16. julyradcliffe says:

    awesome girl!! i had my egs amputated at 12 and i know how is it! but she is pretty awesome!! i like her moves!! hhaha

    the best wishes for you!!

  17. fiascotree says:

    watch out for your messages

  18. sumanaperera says:

    She is sweet….! She’s got a revers foot on the left. right….?

  19. hoogstraat35 says:

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  20. hoogstraat35 says:

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  21. hoogstraat35 says:

    Nice, nice! made in Belgium..

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