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Prostetics| Flesh tear effect

How to make a realistic, bloody, flesh tear effect using liquid latex. Make a short video using this fleah tear effect and leave it as a video response, i’d love to see them :) Like the changes i’ve made to ConnersTutorials? Leave a comment telling me if you like them or hate them and if i should keep them or not. Comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

15 Responses to “Prostetics| Flesh tear effect”

  1. scarletXskyline says:

    Fuckn fag emo. 666

  2. LMovieProducties says:

    great vid,,, diddnt seen u in ur younger years! :P

  3. FeelingGoodFilms says:

    LOL XD That was epic :)

  4. ConnersTutorials says:

    haha, thanks!

  5. CONTRAVTV788 says:

    i love ur new intro, watermark and new title overlay “thingy” lol thats the best test film ever its funny as!

  6. ConnersTutorials says:

    yeah, sure :) 

  7. forrestkill says:

    im ganna us that nect can you make a video on cam shots

  8. ConnersTutorials says:


  9. AddysVideos1 says:

    thats sicks the new intro looks sick bt the only thing i dont like in the thing in the top right corner i didnt mind the old one though cause u couldnt notice it as much loved wen u said “ur ugly” to the spider haha good job

  10. ConnersTutorials says:

    thanks! the music i used in the new intro wont be the music i will be using all the time. i’m going to change it :)

  11. CodeRedCardinal says:

    kool 5/5

  12. Isitonyou says:

    great job dude you are good i made the knife of yours

  13. Isitonyou says:

    great job dude you are good i made the knife of yours

  14. weareready1 says:

    great vid !!!! it so fun!!!

  15. ezorab says:

    i liked the tips that you explained in detail,like the sound FX,but i prefered the old intro :/
    all in all ,good work!

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