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Q&A: do vans slip-ons have arch support?

Question by nvrletyoufall: do vans slip-ons have arch support?
so i was thinking of buying a pair of vans slip on shoes. i was wondering how good they are in terms of arch support. also-i hav bad knees and flat feet. i wear orthodics (sp?) for that but i need a pair of good shoes…
thanxx for the help

Best answer:

Answer by ice queen
you should get some dr. scholl’s shoes. then you will be gellin and ave the suppourt you need.

for real, these are the most comfortable shoes i have ever had and i have bad knees and flat feet too.

try them , i bet you will love them.

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2 Responses to “Q&A: do vans slip-ons have arch support?”

  1. ana banana says:

    i think ur a beautiful person. listen ur heart. <3

  2. Gloryangelina says:

    No, not at all actually. They are some of the flattest shoes you can wear and do more damage to your feet than good. However, you can get arch support insoles at a CVS or any pharmacy, and that helps a lot! :)

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