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Q&A: i have had lots of feet pain specially on the left foot, i bought dr scholes custom fit orthotic inserts but?

Question by : i have had lots of feet pain specially on the left foot, i bought dr scholes custom fit orthotic inserts but?
my feet still hurt. i am in pain and my feet feel really tired? i ve been wearing the orthotic for a couple of days but they dont seem to work. i ve been standing a lot lately and i ve been working two jobs. the thing is all this pain has been recent. i never had this problem before. any ideas or suggestions? anything would help.

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Answer by Pal
See a podiatrist and get a diagnosis.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: i have had lots of feet pain specially on the left foot, i bought dr scholes custom fit orthotic inserts but?”

  1. light step says:

    Look up foot pain on Google there are a few good websites you can get information from. If you can call an advice nurse ASAP at your nearest hospital.

  2. rob d says:

    problems from diabetes? avoid sugar.

  3. Alexander Nestoiter says:

    Insoles and inserts will not help you. They reduce the vertical space inside the shoe and make it difficult for the foot to move. When you preclude feet from stretching, bending, moving, they will hurt. Being on your feet for many hours is not THE problem. Feet are designed to stand, walk or run from sunrise to sunset. But being on your feet on flat surface, and shoes on, no that’s THE problem. Natural walking surfaces, like forest floor or on top of rocks, present constantly different irregularities for the feet. Bumps, rocks, or twigs push the bottom of the feet and in a way massage them. Our ancestors used walk, stand or run but their feet were constantly massaged by the natural uneven walking surface. Take that away, put the foot in a restrictive shoe, and your feet will protest, and you will feel it. Anyway, you need good deep tissue massage and some reflexology. Massage will work out the knots you have in the muscles in the feet. Reflexology will give you better, more vibrant health and more energy. It will renew your whole body. You need at least one session per week, over several weeks. If you have no time or money for it, this is where I come in and help you. Search for nestoiter-gravity on Amazon. Those two products are designed for problems you are experiencing. If you can’t buy it, copy the design and build it yourself. Get info from my website and blog.

    Ok, I will let you in on a little tip. If this works for you, will you buy my book? Just kidding. The tip is free.

    Apply tiger balm and put socks on. It smells. Then do this, take a broom handle or some other round handle. Get a long beach towel or two and spread it flat on the floor. Position yourself on the wide side of the towel. Roll the towel on its wide side very tightly from start to finish. You should get a long, round stiff cylinder. Wrap that long cylinder around the handle. Make loops very tight to each other. Secure the ends of the towel with twine or electrical tape.

    Place this near a free wall. By this time tiger balm should start working. Step on those loops at 45 degree angle and hold on to the wall for balance. Move your feet to place different part of the soles in contact with those stiff loops. Your feet will guide you. Pressure on the soles is ok. If you get sharp pain, stop and discontinue, see foot specialist.

    In short, this way you are getting your feet massaged through the weight of your body, gravity, and the specific contact area. Since the towel is relatively soft, you are getting mild foot massage. Later you can change some things and create conditions to receive deep tissue foot massage and reflexology treatment.

    I just gave you a fast fix so you can move on with your life. When you get better, invest a bit of time into researching that black bar with bulging veins. It’s an incredible piece of equipment. You don’t need to buy it, simply get an idea how to do it and build it yourself. Between my website and blog there is a ton of information you might find useful, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Let me know your progress. I can’t give out my email here, but if you Google MyOwnWaterPipe dot com you will find the website. If you leave a note in the guest book, I will reply. Good luck.

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