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Q&A: Painful purple/numb on bottom of toes (not top of toe or arch)?

Question by newhavenite07: Painful purple/numb on bottom of toes (not top of toe or arch)?
For the last several months I’ve been developing a callous underneath my big toes. After a while, these areas became numb, which I attributed to (1) calloused skin, and (2) a previous condition causing numb big toes (slipped nerve, bad arch, solved by shoe inserts). Lately these areas have gone from numb to extremely painful – and have turned purple/black bruise-like and appeared on both my 4th toes, too (odd).
I don’t think this is caused by shoes since I wear different ones daily with orthodics and all have wide toe boxes. The only change in recent activities has been hiking outdoors in the snow, so my first thought was frostbite. Since these issues showed up in warmer weather, though, I’m guessing this doesn’t have much to do with the cold (although it makes the painful areas burn more intensely).
One thing google DID bring up was the possibility of lupus: I’ve been fighting a low fever on and off, under a lot of stress, constantly tired and disoriented, insomnia, cold sores, psoraisis-like lesions on my neck (dermatologist is still trying to diagnose). I’m assuming symptoms of lupus would show up before the age of 28?

I don’t want to be a hypochondriac and my insurance deductible is too high to be get medical attention for anything not immediately life threatening. Any ideas on what this could be?

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Answer by EROS7776
Any time tissue turns black/purple and is numb, it is a sign that the tissue could be dying. If you haven’t already, you should get someone to check your blood glucose and make sure that you don’t have diabetes, as this disease causes problems with toes due to slow healing process.

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