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Q&A: Treatment for disc problems and reversal of cervical lordosis.?

Question by celerybad: Treatment for disc problems and reversal of cervical lordosis.?
Since I was a teen (I’m now 27), I’ve had unexplained back and neck pain, headaches, muscle tension, and spasms. About a year and a half ago, the doctors figured it out after an MRI. They said I had varying degrees of damage (none really serious, but all problematic) in four cervical discs with moderate reversal of cervical lordosis.

It seems that the problem is congenital because my mother and both sisters have it to varying degrees. Physical therapy did not help significantly and was way too expensive for me to be able to do it long term.

What are my options for the reversal of lordosis? I know that the discs can improve with physio, postural training, exercise, chiropractic, and other treatments, but I suspect that orthotics or surgery may be the only hope for the curvature problem.

I ask that only medical professionals and those with direct experience with this problem respond.

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Answer by Doctor J
I have successfully treated dozens of cases like yours with standard Chiropractic adjustments. Any good Chiropractor can help you with this problem. Surgery should always be the ‘last resort’. It may be a good idea to see your family Chiropractor for a thorough evaluation.

Best wishes and good luck.

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  1. mistify says:

    Although curve reversal is associated with acute muscle spasm such as after a car accident, research studies have shown that it has no bearing on chronic neck pain. In otherwords, loss of cervical lordosis occurs just as freqently in the pain free population as it does the painfull population.

    Due to the chronic nature of your pain, a home traction unit or a cervical posture pump (although to be quite honest, I’ve never used on of these with my patients)
    might be in order.

    Posture remains your number one defense against neck pain. However, pain in general is a multifactoral problem and requires a healthy, well balanced life to help manage.

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