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Revolutionary Treatment For Heel Pain — American Fork, Utah Podiatrist

Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem seen with heel pain, especially first step in the morning. The pain increases over time and limits the ability to even do normal activities. Topaz Radiocoblation is a new revolutionary treatment that helps not just improve symptoms of plantar fasciitis, but often solves the problem. Dr Gibson, a podiatrist in American Fork, Utah, discusses this new treatment.
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A guide to stretching exercises for heel pain (plantar fasciitis)brought to you by Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas in Grapevine, TX. Dr Marybeth Crane describes the proper way to stretch to reduce your foot and heel pain with the help of Donnie Rexroat from Restoration Physical Therapy. For more information and doctor-approved foot care products, go to

50 Responses to “Revolutionary Treatment For Heel Pain — American Fork, Utah Podiatrist”

  1. theplace2shop says:

    as much as id do to get rid of thi i dont think i could do that if u need to be concious!

  2. AnMalDinF says:

    what for the music man?/???? i cant understand uuuuuu

  3. MrYeng2010 says:

    thanks for the upload this was very educational…but its very scary b/c they poke ur foot, seems so painful

  4. coxcox1987 says:

    @smallfellow yup, typo 

  5. smallfellow says:

    @coxcox1987 more like 5mm? 50mm is 5cm

  6. coxcox1987 says:

    2-3cm apart?!? more like 50mm!

  7. Dollphase says:


  8. MrSlogan100 says:

    I am a HS Basketball official and over the years have built up a large area of scar tissue from PF and developed a bad heel spur. Last season the pain was so severe and the achilles so tight i also had a tear on my achilles. SO I had this procedure done on 7-6-2011.

    It is now 9-9-11 and my foot feels great! My doctor also repaired the tear on my achilles and stretched it to relieve the tension. I would recommend this procedure.

  9. 29Essan says:

    my heels are killing me :( 

  10. Ferretgirrl says:

    @TheMeanSgtPlaysPiano It’s possible that you’ve had a growth spurt recently?

    In any case, some chiropractic treatment with a REPUTABLE chiropractor – one who works in conjunction with massage therapist & acupuncturists – as I think you will benefit from a combination of the 3.
    Must be word of mouth recommended, in my opinion, as there ARE shonks out there. Good Luck!

  11. cambayuca says:

    As would be the total cost of the surgery and how much would be the total recovery time?

  12. cschlesner says:

    I had this treatment done the day before Thanksgiving last year. It felt better for awhile (after 2 months of pain~postop~ it was better for only 2 months). Tomorrow morning I am going in for PF release. Ugh. I’ve had enough and ready to get back to running again.

  13. cschlesner says:

    I had this treatment done the day before Thanksgiving last year. It felt better for awhile (after 2 months of pain~postop~ it was better for only 2 months). Tomorrow morning I am going in for PF release. Ugh. I’ve had enough and ready to get back to running again.

  14. TheMeanSgtPlaysPiano says:

    I have had this stupid PF shit for three years now. I want it gone so I can happily pursue my dream of being in the military. I’ve even been accepted into it, but the only thing stopping me is this shitty heel pain. It’s so damn painful I literally want a doctor to amputate my feet. I can’t take this shit anymore, it’s too fucking much! I’m only 16!

  15. micahdrn says:

    Sorry for the weird questions, but my PF is about to kill me when I walk/run and I am an avid runner (for weight loss the past 2 years or so) and I keep having to stop bc of my PF and then I gain a few pounds back, which seems to make it hurt worse. If I just grit my teeth and continue through will it get better as I lose weight and go away most probably? Second, if I did get this done, how soon could I run again? The weight loss is great, but running is also a stress reliever

  16. batcountryrabid says:

    I use shape ups and my plantar factitious cleared up really fast.

  17. zzzzzz0100 says:

    Hi has anyone had surgery for plantar fascitis I would like to know how it turned out what if any problems you might have had before i have my surgery. thank you

  18. oroki1 says:

    I don’t think i can do this.. omg!

  19. batcountryrabid says:

    did anyone else get turned on by this? ;_; /wrists

  20. carman9678 says:

    That was horrifying

  21. Cheekybarber says:

    this guy emphasizes his words so weird – the way he enunciates his words, I can’t even finish watching this! How annoying! Also, he’s monotone. You couldn’t pay me to watch this.

  22. beebeeice says:

    @Cultuz umm.. its slowly healing.. but i feel improvement..

  23. Cultuz says:

    @beebeeice Did it heal?

  24. Cultuz says:

    Is it possible to get this shot while down under? I can’t man up to get it. I have a friggin phobia.. Hence I’m watching these videos.

    Is it possible to get it while asleep?

  25. beebeeice says:

    omg.. i have Plantar Fasciitis like 2 years ago.. did the Extra Corperal Shock Wave Therapy and it didnt really help.. then i went to another doctor and he did the Platelet Rich Plasma thing to me.. the used the platelet rich plasma and injected it into the plantar fascia.. after the whole thing.. my feet was super numb and u cant feel the underside of the feet.. and i had to do it for both feet.. couldnt walk properly after that T_T

  26. TheMeanSgtPlaysPiano says:

    How does one go through working hard with excersizes when Plantar Fasciitis makes them depressed?

  27. L4rm3 says:

    Hi, when im doing the last exercise, i have a lot of pain heel foot, i cant nearly stay 10 secons… is that good? sorry for my bad english im from spain.

  28. TributeToTesla says:


  29. workoutplaylist90 says:

    LOL “before you go to bed, and before you wake up in the morning.”
    Before you wake up?

  30. clearcombat says:

    @MrsTARAFINITY Is he two feet tall?

  31. sonebone7 says:

    @TheJoshDrake bend all your toes towards you and squeeze in the middle where the bone is at if its soar than you have plantar, what works for me was a sock i made, i put it on and pull the toes toward me and sleep like that and in the morning it does hurt when i get out of bed, it helps to heal the plantar…

  32. TheJoshDrake says:

    I had many close tries on ollieing this 10 set. But on the last try I leaned back and accidentally kicked out. I slammed on my feet. After that moment a couple days ago it hurts to step on my left foot. The heel hurts really bad. Does this mean I have plantar fasciitis? The morning hurt so bad I just try not to walk on my left foot.

  33. gabo91VanDyk says:

    Really Helpful, Thanks!!!

  34. MrsTARAFINITY says:


  35. Lizamarie888 says:

    @rastask8ter1 Ahh right, thats kool. I got mine from constant standing through an old job

  36. rastask8ter1 says:

    @Lizamarie888 I wasnt getting a attitude or anything, just saying. This problem happened to me from skateboarding.

  37. Lizamarie888 says:

    @rastask8ter1 what you on about 7 months late? im just letting you know ive had this problem for years

  38. aldahlaky says:

    thank you very much

  39. ilovesnowmobiling451 says:

    I got diagnosed with plantar faciitis last year and it bugs me I have orthotics too that helps I do stretches every day morning and night

  40. rastask8ter1 says:

    @Lizamarie888 I knew what it was, I dont have this problem nomore… btw your 7 months late.

  41. Lizamarie888 says:

    @rastask8ter1 plantar fasciitis*

  42. Lizamarie888 says:

    @rastask8ter1 Ive had this problem for years, its only after two years of hospitals they finally come up with this as my problem. Gotta do all the exercises, take stronger anti inflammatories and wear arch supports. This is going to be a long process

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  45. trance212 says:

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  48. rastask8ter1 says:

    how long does this problem last, because i had it for a month now and the pain is still there but it got a little better.

  49. z370Toronto says:

    to get u remember the excercise, u can use your gf thong :) it works for me all times’

  50. haroof says:

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