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San Antonio Orthotics | Foot Orthotics (Vacuum Forming/ Pulling Foam)

Learn The Process Of Vacuum Forming Foot Orthotics. Main Material Used: Trilam (1/4″ Puff, 1/16″ Poron, 1/8″ P-Cell). Arch Support Material Used: 1/2″ Firm Puff (55 Durometer Puff). You Can Use 35 Durometer Puff Instead Of Trilam And You Can Swap Cork For Firm Puff And The Process, Temperature And Times Will Be The Same As In The Video. For More Information visit:
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7 Responses to “San Antonio Orthotics | Foot Orthotics (Vacuum Forming/ Pulling Foam)”

  1. DT5236 says:

    how much per pairs of Foot Orthotics

  2. ebayisajoke says:


  3. TheBetobensin says:

    hola mi nombre es olivia benitez tengo una tienda de articulos ortopedicos me encanta tu trabajo
    quisiera que estubieramos en comunicacion yo fabrico plantillas , pero no tengo los conocimientos para adquirir esto materiales. que usted usa ni la tecnica para fabricar los me gustaria aprender DESEO SUS DATOS PARA ESTAR EN COMUNICACION

  4. sackkckdbb says:

    look the other guy at 1:28

  5. avonavon6 says:

    where can buy your arch support, pls your e-mail or website.

  6. getsmartpaul says:

    Nice video.
    Background music was annoying since I couldn’t hear all that well.
    Is there a part 2 video ?

  7. roughrider119 says:

    Where’s the other video?

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