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Slipknot- prostetics

Slipknot- prostetics

This is a redo of one of my previous episodes, Severed finger: But, since i have now got my modelling wax, liquid latex and coagulated blood, i thought that i could do a much better job with the finger, also i added aa cool BLOOD SQUIRTING effect too, so when you cut down on it, you can have your finger spewing fake blood, check it out!! :) I know this one isn’t very real, because it was my second try with prostetics, but is is much beter than my other Severed Finger tut, and i am still learning so hopefully the future prostetics tuts will look more real. Comment, Rate and SUBSCRIBE!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 Responses to “Slipknot- prostetics”

  1. scarletXskyline says:

    Good one emo.

  2. vancejrscott says:

    ppl stop being trolls

  3. c0dwarrior11 says:

    U sound gay !!!

  4. TheLaughRoom says:

    what a horrible accent

  5. moviemakers97 says:

    dude….i cant understand what your saying, get the cock out of your mouth

  6. jas340 says:

    Another awesome episode! Keep up the good work!

  7. idontgivearatshat says:

    were are u deliciuos carrot lol

  8. cheepofilms says:

    I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ConnersTutorials says:

    ha ha lol, thanks!!

  10. AddysVideos1 says:

    were are u deliciuos carrot lol thats ur best testfilm

  11. TheMasterApple says:

    Awesome dude! i loved it, and with that prostetic scar thingy, i tricked a hole lot of my friends with a bullet through head :D

  12. ConnersTutorials says:

    thanks!! :)



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