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TMatesFTM Week 10 w/Leslie: Prothetics

Please note: During the video I do show some of the prosthetics, ect. that Kyle and I use. If you’re not comfortable seeing those things, I wouldn’t watch. =] If you have any other questions, feel free to message me on my personal channel at lesandky. =D Hope you’re all having a happy new year!!

6 Responses to “TMatesFTM Week 10 w/Leslie: Prothetics”

  1. BonesDGAF021 says:

    spencers does have great toys! seriously they’re well priced and last a long time. i discovered i much prefer vibes with a remote & more than 1 setting than those stupid little bullets with the black on/off button on top. i’ve broken more than 1 toy in my day trying to go back & forth adjusting speeds. i wish we had a spencers around where i live. none of the malls in st. louis have that store!!! lame.

  2. SuperDuperTracy says:

    your videos are always so educational.. . 5 stars lady

  3. theycallmeaden says:

    Thanks for sharing. :]

  4. xXdrumsX4lifeXx says:

    wherss ky? u did great btw

  5. fudge867 says:

    thanks for sharing this, love ya x

  6. Wesleyintheory says:

    Thanks for sharing. Vac-u-lock is a great system , it is great to see these vids I can’t wait to share them. I love it My little friend

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