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Vincent Alvarez Footprint Insoles Introduction – HUGE OLLIE

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21 Responses to “Vincent Alvarez Footprint Insoles Introduction – HUGE OLLIE”

  1. mandybob100 says:

    Anybody know that beat or type of beat it is??? I wanna skate it so relaxing cuh

  2. MrNinjapenguin666sk8 says:

    i got my game changer 2.0′s yesterday and i tried to fill em with water but every time i took the dropper out, all the water would spert out of the insole. i skated them anyway but they did not mold. is it to late to try it again? and how would i go about doing that to avoid this problem?

  3. cr3w562 says:

    I didn’t like em they felt crapy to skate in , they had bad board feel but It did improve my balance while walking but as for for my skating , it didn’t do shit , I felt no diffrence

  4. L3opardstr1p3s says:

    What are the type Of these game changers called and should I get these, king foam, or the gamechangers hd foam?

  5. dlarsoniw says:

    Malto Boulevard Beer board KC Love!!

  6. TheNikarru says:


  7. Adanster12 says:

    do certain shoes come with them or do you buy them separately?

  8. skateguy000 says:

    Man that ollie is no joke that shits in my town it’s high as fuck and seriously no runway, I dont know how he did that shit!

  9. nollieflip1997 says:

    These things are so sick. they help with your back, ankles, and feet. and there are no more pains after skating. it’s like your skating barefoot.

  10. MosherChris93 says:

    I win a pair today it`s sick

  11. 666ThaScarecro666 says:

    how long did they take to ship to you?

  12. erickfoamy says:

    not girl……..chocolate

  13. kylejkli says:

    Vincent is sponsored by girl

  14. wtfareyousmoking says:

    that’s what i’m wondering. but the newer manchester selects come with a super thick insole and no equaform, and i think that these black/gums have that.

  15. TzazikiGriptapez says:

    did he put the red equa form pad from the manchester selct out before he put the footprint insole in the shoe?

  16. beefinesswilrule says:

    did that ollie really just happen?

  17. asdfghjklSB says:

    wow he had no run way…

  18. reassessment says:

    “you can’t know unless you try it, I think. That’s the thing, I think.”
    I’m sold

  19. HdSk8Ratchets says:

    I got some..they feel good so far. It’s only been a day

  20. Dylanack93 says:

    i need some now

  21. joliex says:

    haha so persuasive….imma try them out.

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