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Walk Fit Orthotics Innersole Review

Here is the warning that comes with the product insert. WARNING FOR DIABETICS OR THOSE WITH CIRCULATION PROBLEMS If you are a diabetic, suffer from chronic foot pain, persistent joint problems, have numbness in your feet or circulation problems, check with your physician before wearing WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics. Approval from your doctor is of great importance. If you suffer from one of the above conditions and a physician’s approval cannot be obtained, please return your WalkFit® Platinum Orthotics for a refund.
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25 Responses to “Walk Fit Orthotics Innersole Review”

  1. FemaleOpinion says:

    Thank you Annette. Yes the pain subsided but I have nerve damage and my feet tingle all day long and while I try to sleep and in the waking hours. Dr. tested for everything and said it was the inserts!

  2. justplainpissed says:

    I am so sorry to hear that. Has the pain subsided since you stopped using the product? If not, I’m hoping it will.
    All the best,

  3. FemaleOpinion says:

    DO NOT BUY THESE IINSERTS! I ACTUALLY DEVELOPED SEVERE PAIN IN MY FEET AFTER 3 MONTHS. The doctor thought my pain was related to possible diabetes 2. It was not, and it was later discovered it was my walkfit inserts that was causing SEVERE foot pain.

  4. justplainpissed says:

    So sorry to hear what you went through but I know what EXACTLY what you’re talking about. I ordered from the company by phone and the woman tried to sell me “everything under the sun” in addition to the inner soles and copped an attitude when I said: “I just want the Walk fits”. I returned mine and by the time I tallied up the loss, it cost me more than the innersoles cost in shipping both ways. Plus I had to call them 3 times about my refund. Took 6 weeks. Bad company.

  5. bipolii says:

    I put off a year deciding if I should order them. Finally I gave in due to back pain. Damn infomercial made it seem to be the answer I needed. Ordering off the web did not seem ligit. I did not get a total or invoice. So i had to call and found out the $10 s&h. Damned again. Anyway these thing hurt BAD. It’s like walking on tennis balls. They just force your feet to form a arch. Reminds me of old Chinese foot binding. I definitely felt entrapped with returning them. I would have to fork out mo

  6. justplainpissed says:

    Your welcome.

  7. karmonlea says:

    thanx for the info!!!!!!!!

  8. justplainpissed says:

    Sorry to hear it. Yeah, I’m using Dr. Scholls now too. And that other brand they sell at Rite Aid which slips my mind right now.

  9. SuperKingNova says:

    lolx i bought it once never more……. i’ll stick to dr. scholls

  10. cjphoto23 says:

    how long do they last

  11. justplainpissed says:

    Yup. Sad but true.

  12. TeslaDRay says:

    Not called deception. in this country it’s called business as usual. lol.

  13. justplainpissed says:

    Thank you for your comment. Glad you found the video a help. I have heard of others who had a good experience with them. I hoped that I would have been one of them but wasn’t.

    Bottom line to me was: when a product is targeted to people with foot problems and then, when you try them and they hurt so much that you call customer care to ask why, and they tell you that if you have foot problems, maybe Walkfit is not for you, that is deception plain and simple.
    All the best to you and your Mom

  14. TeslaDRay says:

    holy shit, thanks so much. i remember seeing the infommercial, recommending these to my mom. i was on the verge of ordering them for my mother, but forget it now. you seem so real too, i’ll take your word for it. i WILL look up other reviews but this, what you’re saying, sounds way too true.

  15. dancingram79 says:

    You are very welcome, and very sweet of you for taking the time to make this very helpful video :D

    Best regards/Bernice

  16. justplainpissed says:

    What a kind and considerate comment. Thank you for caring. Glad you found the video helpful. As for me, I’m still shopping around. I really wished these things worked. Isn’t it interesting that these things are no longer in the stores. Wonder why? Hum?!
    All the best to you,

  17. dancingram79 says:

    Jesus, I almost fell for that :( thank you soooooo very very much. Now, if you had to get your feet use to them, why didnt that happen to any of the ladyes that went shopping with them? miraculously all of them could use them?
    Sneaky little worms :( anyway… thanks alot, and sorry you had to pay and go trough all that to only get disapointed :(

    Hope you find something that works… :)

  18. justplainpissed says:

    Real decent of you to put this info here. I’ll look into it. Thank you.
    God Bless you too.

  19. loverofgoodmusic23 says:

    My father had spurs on his heals many years ago. I went online to search for a possible remedy. I read some testimonies that a product called Coral Calcium healed bone spurs. I went on the popular auction site ebay and purchased a bottle. My father began taking it. Lo and behold, after only three weeks the spurs were gone. To this day they have never returned. Please give it a try! God bless you!

  20. justplainpissed says:

    Glad they worked for you. And thank you for your kind wishes.
    All the best,
    P.S. I just watched your “Dada” video. Brought a tear to my eye. Very lovely!

  21. riceofman says:

    I have to say, I have spurs and i walk all day, Pain all day but I have found that the original work better for me than the platinum. I hope you found relief somewhere.

  22. justplainpissed says:

    Thanks for posting that. So I’m not the only one. Also didn’t like the way the company did business. When I called to order, they threw this offer and that offer at me until I finally said: “I just want the Walkfit!” Then the sales person had an attitude for the rest of the call. Good thing I got a tracking number when I returned the package so I knew when they got it back. A month later, there still was no refund. Had to call twice to get it. Took almost 3 mos.

  23. SuperMrmau says:

    the same thing hapened to me, I caled and they told that if a have problem on my feet the walk fit was not made for me.

  24. justplainpissed says:

    I know what you mean. These infomercials usually boast the sales numbers but not the satisfied customers numbers.

  25. FinaltouchPhotograph says:

    I guess it would be right to say they do work for some. I’ve had a pair and they really worked for me. I lost them in a move and so I tried the Dr Scholls custom fit and my left foot started hurting worst. These like the Dr Scholls both probably work for certain people. Along with these inserts, a lot of what probably goes into play in the persons weight and especially the shoes they choose to wear. So in my case, $20 is better that $50 for Dr Scholls. Plus either one is better than $300

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