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What are the best running shoes with orthotics?

Question by JBABS: What are the best running shoes with orthotics?
I just got orthotics cus my arches are really high and had a foot injury. I usually get Aasics for running, but was wondering what others use with orthotics. Thanks.

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Answer by Blue
I have New Balance and Nike. Both are neutral shoes because my orthotics fix my problem.
Just bring your orthotics in with you when you go to try on the shoes.
I’m sure that you already know that you take their insole out and put your orthotics in.
Good luck.

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2 Responses to “What are the best running shoes with orthotics?”

  1. lestermount says:

    Most major brands of shoes will work with an orthodic, the problem is you must get a neutral shoe.
    If you get a shoe that is designed to correct over pronation and your orthodic is designed to either do the same or opposite thing then you could have a problem.
    The doctor that made your inserts should have a list of shoes that will work for you.
    Of you can ask a clerk at a running shoe store that knows something about the shoes they sell to show you some neutral shoes.

  2. Thoms M says:

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