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Where can I find cute shoes with arch support?

Question by ticklemeelmo18: Where can I find cute shoes with arch support?
I have really flat feet and I wear flip flops everyday. I need to find shoes that have arch support and are cute because I hate sneakers. Are there any websites that I can get shoes with arch support in them?

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Answer by Ashley O
Try Skechers. Even if you hate sneakers they have some really cute ones that are SUPER comfy and stylish–they look European in my opinion.

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3 Responses to “Where can I find cute shoes with arch support?”

  1. sydsyd98 says:

    oh go to Dicks Sporting Goods.
    my mom has flat feet too and she goes to Dicks all the time to get flip flops and everything for her feet.!


  2. Amy says:

    Well you could buy any pair of shoes and just buy dr.sholes arch support. nike is good for arches.


  3. isneezeconfetti says:

    i have really flat feet also. i just got some dr. scholls arch supports. they work pretty well. my feet hurt way less.

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